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Where Have I Been?!? 

I appologize to everyone who has been waiting on updates from this blog. I just got moved in to college for the first time and all of this week has been orientation and ”getting to know the school”.

Yes, that means I haven’t been posting much, but fear not, regular updates will start again next week. Bear with me for a few more days and I promise it will be worth it.

Of course — thank you all for your continued support in Pokemon Master Confessions. The number of followers, re-bloggers and even people who ‘like’ the posts is astounding, and if I could, I would give each and every one of you a hug.

One last thing on the college note, the internet here has been less than regular. ;) It’s temporary, and they’re getting it fixed (someone brought a bunch of hardware that was supposed to be prohibited) but I am on a spotty connection for the time being.

Thank you once again, and don’t forget to keep submitting confessions and pre-made graphics! I will check regularly (as I can this week) for pre-made submissions and I will post them. Text confessions will have to wait though.